Bookworm Hienrichs (bookworm_h) wrote,
Bookworm Hienrichs

Feb. 19-20

I met with Mr. Somerset this evening, to continue with training. He'd already taught me a few basic moves some time ago, so now it's time to start learning how to put them together, and actually use them. We went outside the Palisade wall, partly for privacy, and partly because the ground would be a good cushion. I certainly needed that. *wry grin*

However, the practice session didn't last as long as I'd planned. I'm still feeling this strange fatigue, so I didn't have the energy to continue. Perhaps fighting that fire yesterday took more out of me than I realized. I've eaten a bit, and on the advice of my teacher, I'm going to bed early. I certainly hope this extra sleep will improve how I'm feeling.


Strange, whispered voices again at the back edge of the Mechanix Arms.
"She's asleep again."
"And exhausted. So nice of her to oblige us again like that. Are you all ready?"
Nods all around.
"Then let's get to work."

Very early morning.

"Are you all comfortable with movement now?"
Nods and murmurs of satisfaction.
"Excellent! Then tonight, I think we can start to take things farther afield."
"Until tonight."


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I don't understand! I slept over 10 hours, and I still feel tired. I certainly hope I'll be all right for the Salon tomorrow--I need that job, especially as Miss Carver did not hold a ball this month. I'll just take it easy today. I may go see Miss Ceejay's reconstructed cafe, but I think that'll be all I'll do. Perhaps I'll take a nap this afternoon.

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