Bookworm Hienrichs (bookworm_h) wrote,
Bookworm Hienrichs

Feb. 20-21

(Private journal entry, but feel free to comment.))

I did walk up to Miss Ceejay's reopened cafe, and it looks lovely! It's more open, which helps in getting people into the chocolate shop area, and there's a wonderful verandah up above. While it's too chilly now for that, I'm sure I'll be spending quite a bit of time up there come spring.

Miss Penelope stopped by while I was there. It was so nice to be able to chat with her for a while. Mr. Somerset had told her about my fatigue. She suggested that I see Dr. Kaligawa. I may do that, if the situation doesn't improve soon.

I think I'll go have a lie-down now, in fact.


"She's asleep? Already?"
"Hmmm...I'd rather wait for more movement until dark, when there should be fewer people around. And who knows how long she'll stay asleep?"
"Can I go in? Please? I'd love a chance to rummage through her library."
"Certainly--that's a very good solution. Let us know when she awakens."

Several hours later

"Oh, dear! I'm so sorry--I lost track of time. Someone else can go in now."
"Wait--isn't she awake? Surely she's hungry by now!"
"She was. But I took a chance and ate some bread and cheese she had in the apartment, and that settled her down right away."
"It did? How very interesting..."
"And...and I tasted it. I actually tasted it! I haven't tasted bread in so long..." Tears didn't, couldn't, fall from her eyes, but her choked voice carried the freight of her emotion.
Eyes light up, and voices clamor for attention.
"Hold it, hold it please. I know you all want to be able to taste things for yourself, but we'd better test first to see if we can travel through the city. If we eat too much of her stock, she'll definitely notice. Please, let me go first, as we planned. I promise I'll be back soon."
"All right." "That seems reasonable."

An hour later.

"Excellent. I went all the way to that cafe she likes to frequent, with no troubles at all. And I drank coffee."
Anticipatory murmurs at that word.
"Now, I know you all want to roam, but I think we'd best limit our activities tonight. She's fatiguing too much, too fast. Let's give her a chance to rest for a while. We'll have tomorrow night."

Early morning.

"All right, that's it for tonight. Let's go."
"I had her eat some breakfast. She should be able to sleep for several hours."
"Good work! Until tonight."
"Until tonight."


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Goodness, I can't believe this! I lay down in my bedroom for a nap late afternoon Saturday. It's now early afternoon Sunday! Granted, I am actually feeling somewhat better now. But I do hope I won't do that again! I need to scramble now, if I'm going to be ready for this afternoon's Salon.

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