Bookworm Hienrichs (bookworm_h) wrote,
Bookworm Hienrichs

Feb. 23-24

((Private journal entry, but feel free to comment.))

I'm still sleeping more--much more--than usual. My fatigue doesn't seem to be getting much better, but neither is it getting worse. I suppose I'll wait a few days longer, to see if the situation changes. It always seems as if whenever I finally make up my mind to see a doctor, I start getting better, rendering the visit unnecessary.

It's strange, though. I'm also not eating as much as usual--at least, I don't think so--yet my sleep never seems to be interrupted by hunger. I really cannot understand it.

But I think it's time for a nap again...


Evie hummed contentedly, if tunelessly, as she stood in front of the mirror, turning this way and that, admiring what she saw. Such pretty dresses! She'd always admired her mother's clothing, and had looked forward to the day when she herself could wear such beautiful things. Now she finally, finally could...

She removed the dress, and carefully hung it back in the closet, already contemplating what to try on next. A gold-colored gown with feathering on the sleeves caught the eye. She pulled it out, and paused to pick through memories. Ahh, this was the gown for next month's Steamfitters Ball! 'Well,' Evie thought, 'there's nothing wrong with having a preview.'

But before she could slip it on, Sofie flashed into the room. "Evie, quick, put that back and get dressed as before!"

Even as Evie shoved the gown back into the closet, she protested, "Awww, do I have to?"

"Yes," Sofie said. "Someone's coming--that Somerset man!"

Evie quickly snatched up the everyday dress she'd draped on the bed and shoved it on. Even she knew that Mr. Somerset could be the biggest threat to their plans, and she had no desire to face him. Fingers fumbled with buckles and laces, even as she scurried into the main room. She lay down on the couch, eyes closing...



Bookworm felt like she was trying to swim to the surface of a bowl of molasses. Her thoughts came back slowly. What had awakened her?


Ahh, that was it. "Just a moment," she called. She stood up, smoothing down her hair and dress, and rubbing her eyes to get them to focus. She wasn't sure how long she'd been asleep, but it didn't seem like very long. She unlocked the door and opened it.

"Zac! Hello! Do come in and have a seat."

"Thank you," he replied as he sat on the couch, in front of the crackling fireplace.

"What bring you here?" Bookworm asked, immediately steering him away from asking questions about how she was feeling.

"Well, I have a favor to ask," he replied...


((Back to journal entry, written the morning of the 24th))

Zac came by yesterday with some wonderful news--he and Nell were getting married! Given the circumstances, it's high time they did, I say. Though, because of those same circumstances, it was to be a quiet ceremony, with only a few people there as witnesses. Zac honored me by asking if I'd be one of the company. Of course I accepted, and with pleasure! When he left, I immediately rushed into my bedroom to figure out what to wear.

I knew, of course, that they're in mourning, so bright colors or pastels were definitely out. I finally settled on a rich plum dress, which I considered to be a good compromise--not black, as I myself wasn't mourning anyone, but dark to show deference to their situation. It's a curious thing, though--I could swear my clothing wasn't in the same order it had been before. And the gown I bought for Miss Breezy's next ball looked as if it had been crammed in any which way! I'd thought I'd been more careful with it than that! I'll have to take it out once I finish this entry, and make sure it hasn't suffered any damage.

Well, I went to Nell and Zac's new home in the evening. They have a sort of shrine in their attic space, which they'd set up with the few accoutrements they needed for the wedding. It's certainly a good thing that it was only them, myself, and Lord Moses and Lady Neira--the place wouldn't have held any more than us! Lady Neira and I helped Nell change into the wedding dress she'd bought months ago, then escorted her upstairs.

The ceremony was brief, but lovely. I handed Zac a ring--I believe it belonged to his mother--that he then placed on Nell's finger. I'll admit it, I had to blot away a tear or two. It was just so nice to see them so happy in each other. When it was over, Nell invited us to stay for cake and champagne, but Lord Moses made our excuses--there really wasn't any reason to delay their first night together--and offered to escort me home.

The way back took us through Loner's Lane. Lady Neira left us there, and Lord Moses continued to walk with me. As we neared the entrance of Loner's Lane, I could keep it back no longer. Much Ado About Nothing is, after all, one of my favorite Shakespeare plays.

I sighed. "Good Lord, for alliance!" Seeing his startled glance, I smiled and continued. "Thus goes everyone to the world but I, and I am sunburnt; I may sit in a corner and cry heigh-ho for a husband!"

After the slightest of pauses, he replied, "Lady Bookworm, I will get you one."

I was surprised, and delighted, that he picked up on it so quickly. "I would rather have one of your father's getting. Hath your lordship ne'er a brother like you? Your father got excellent husbands, if a maid could come by them." I looked down to the pavement, concentrating on negotiating a lingering slick place by a manhole cover.

"Will you have me, lady?"

I started, and nearly slipped. Granted, that was the next line of the dialog, but his tone of voice...Then I looked up and saw his slight, sly smile, and I burst out laughing. "Oh, no, my Lord," I said. "I value my skin much too much to give Lady Neira cause to turn it into a wall ornament!"

His laughter joined mine, and we finished the way to my apartment chatting amiably about the ceremony we had witnessed. At the stairs to my apartment, he bowed and said, "Good night to you."

"Thank you for your company," I replied, "and I hope our paths will cross more often in the future."

I went straight to my bedroom to change for bed. I was tired, but this was fatigue of a much pleasanter sort--tiredness mixed with satisfaction at a job well done, and joy at seeing two lives joined together.

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