Bookworm Hienrichs (bookworm_h) wrote,
Bookworm Hienrichs

Feb. 25

Daniel strolled around New Babbage, taking his time. He'd been the guinea pig for so long, it was nice to be able to enjoy his time without worrying what might happen. He and the others were feeling more sure of their control now, and it had really boiled down to making sure they didn't overextend. Or run into someone dangerous.

As he neared the apartment, he heard a commotion coming from the City Hall. He hesitated, then decided to take a chance and see what was up. It would be best to stay abreast of doings in the city, in case anything happened that might change their circumstances. He sidled up to the edge of a small crowd, listening intently.

'City Hall? Closed by the Ordo Mucro?' He frowned, puzzled, and probed memories, but came up with nothing. Ahh, well. Apparently there was nothing to do at this point, but it was definitely something to keep an eye on, as it might require certain services.

Before he could make his escape, though, he noticed someone looking intently at him. It was...Mr. Mornington. He kept a calm demeanor, though inwardly he quailed a bit, wondering what brought on such a regard. However, the man left without a word, beyond "strange." Daniel subsequently hastened to try to erase any possible doubts in the minds of the others, by stating an intention to go to the Militia headquarters to check for any word or orders.

'I'm beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea to possess this woman,' he thought as he ran along the alleyways toward Wheatstone Waterways. It had seemed like such a good idea--she lived quietly, and seemed so shy and scholarly; how difficult could it be? He hadn't reckoned on so many...unusual citizens around, people who apparently could sense that something was wrong. But, in a way, it was too late now. Even he didn't want to give up these stolen hours of life.

But only a little while later, he had even more cause to wonder. He'd left the Militia headquarters to return home and inform his companions what was going on, and had encountered the new resident in the Mechanix Arms, a Miss Hermit. He'd thought the conversation would go off without a hitch, but at the end of it, Miss Hermit had said, "I am glad to see you are in good...spirits then." It was that meaningful hesitation that set off the alarm bells in his mind.

He decided that, instead of conversing in the apartment, he'd best take a chance and leave the woman, to have a talk with the others that wouldn't be overheard.

He lay down on the couch, then left the body and flashed down to the graveyard, where the others were waiting. Having filled them in, he waited for the others to speak.

"Not the smartest thing to do, Dan," said Mac. "Now people may expect her to know about this, when she hasn't seen it awake."

"Oh...oh! I hadn't thought of that," Daniel said in consternation. "What can we do?"

"I think I know," Mac replied. "I think I can plant in her mind the memory of having gone there herself. She'll think she visited City Hall and saw all of this before coming back here and falling asleep."

"Are you sure?" Daniel asked doubtfully. "That sounds terribly complicated. We've not tried anything like that."

"You haven't. I have. Just little things, but it proved to me it can be done. I thought something like this might come up at some point."

"Oh. Well, all right, then. Please go in and do that. And get something to eat--she'll be hungry soon."

"Right-o." Mac flashed up to the apartment.

He entered into the woman, and paused. First things first--take care of the memory, then head out. He entered further into the woman's mind, taking the memory of what Daniel had seen with him. He stitched that memory together with how she would walk, stand, talk--anything to make the memory seem more like hers than someone else's. Once he finished, he backed away a little, then took over the woman's body and stood up. Time for some real food and drink.

He went around the docks and headed toward Clockhaven, being sure to keep his stride as hers would be, just in case someone saw him. But once he entered the narrower streets and sight-lines of Clockhaven, he lengthened his stride and hurried to the Gangplank. Ever since he'd learned of its existence from her memories, he'd longed to come, and get a taste of what he'd really been missing.

When he reached the door, he listened at a crack, but heard nothing. Peeking in, he saw it empty--such a break! He hurried to the bar, grabbed a stein, and drew himself a beer. He brought the stein to his lips and drank. A look of ineffable enjoyment formed on his face, even as he swallowed again...

A few hours later, he left, feeling a warm glow of pleasure. He also began to consider...could he really be content with these few stolen hours? His control was becoming more deft and sure, and more complete. Why couldn't he simply...stay? Granted, it would be rather strange to live as a woman, but that was preferable to no life at all, surely! He began pondering this, even as he surrendered the woman's body to another of his companions.


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