Bookworm Hienrichs (bookworm_h) wrote,
Bookworm Hienrichs

Feb. 26-27

Well, that didn't work out as I'd hoped.

I went to the library late this morning, hoping to find some information about the Ordo Mucro and their history with New Babbage. I wasn't long into my investigations when I could tell my fatigue was making research difficult. So I thought I would lie down on the couch for a little bit...

Next thing I knew, it was late afternoon.

But I have to say, I felt more rested after that sleep than I have in quite some time! Rested enough, in fact, to go and investigate the areas where notices were posted. How they expect to keep people out of the aquarium when it doesn't have a door, I don't know.

Well, my soup is ready, so I'll eat that, and probably go to sleep again. Hopefully, this rested trend continues, so that I feel well enough to dance tomorrow.


"Ooooh, Daniel, she's going to a dance tomorrow afternoon! Can I go instead?"

"No, best not, Sofie. We don't know who else will be there. She could see Miss Penelope--or even Mr. Somerset!"

"Oh, but Daniel--"
"No. I'm sorry, Sofie, but it's just too dangerous."

Sofie sighed as she watched Evie flash up to the apartment to continue her interrupted dress-up session. Mac took note of that. Perhaps Sofie would support his nascent idea...


Well, it is noon of Saturday. And unfortunately, I'm not feeling so rested as yesterday. But I'll go to the dance anyway. It's for such a good cause, after all!

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