Bookworm Hienrichs (bookworm_h) wrote,
Bookworm Hienrichs

Feb. 26--Oh, no, Not again!

I discovered something very disturbing yesterday evening, on one of my now-infrequent walks about the city. I'd gone up to City Hall, and found a small crowd gathered about one of the doors. A notice was tacked to the door--pinned there by, of all things, a dagger--which stated that it was closed by order of the Ordo Mucro! This organization is, I believe, connected to the Church of the Builder, which I know the Clockwinder has mentioned from time to time, and of which he is a member. But how that justifies an action such as this, I don't know! The mayor, after all, is not the city!

Though I do wonder...There must be a copy of the city charter or constitution somewhere...

Heh. Probably in City Hall, which I cannot now access. I suppose I could check in the library, though I'd hate to be there if my fatigue grows too great again, and I have to drag myself all the way home.

But this is an emergency! I will go.

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