October 8th, 2009

I knew it, I knew it!

I think I've stopped trembling enough to document what happened.

When I heard about Mr. Footman's demonstration, I knew nothing good could come of it! And to think he's doing such things right next door to where I live! Trying to reanimate the dead--how simply horrible! I didn't want to attend openly, to seem that I condoned what he was doing, but I did slip over to watch and listen by a window, in case something happened. And, I brought my pistol.

I was sickened when I saw that...thing, that pile of flesh swaying there. It was wearing some sort of collar, which I heard Mr. Footman say was controlling the thing. And for a while, the demonstration did seem to be proceding smoothly. But then, the collar fell off, and the thing shambled forward to attack the onlookers!

I was horribly frightened, but there weren't many people armed, so I knew I had to go in. At first, I couldn't get a clean shot at it, but when it trapped one of the women, I knew I had to take a chance. I shot, and it turned and came after me. I shot again, and I know I hit it, but that didn't stop it! It nearly got me, several times, but I managed to escape it, and it finally went after the larger crowd again.

All was confusion, but I finally heard that it fell, or somehow ended up, in the canal, and was lost from view. Some thought it would be washed out to the Vernian Sea, but others, including myself, aren't so sure. I actually went back to the apartment, got my militia rifle, and took a short trip down into the sewers.

I still can't believe I actually did something like that. But I'm part of the militia now--that's a responsibility I'm not going to shirk. I didn't see anything, but then, I'm not exactly familiar with the sewers. I think I'm going to be armed any time I leave the apartment now.

When I came back, I saw that my jacket and shirt were ripped in back--the thing did get close to me from behind at one point. But I've looked carefully, and I don't see any breaks in my skin, so I seem to have escaped unscathed. I just hope everyone else was as lucky.