October 9th, 2009

Oh, horrors!

I've terrible news to report, I'm afraid. Skyler Gant has been infected. He was trapped by Mr. Mornington and Mr. Sixpence in a safe, but I could hear him moaning and calling for brains, as the...thing yesterday did. I really didn't want to dispose of Skyler permanently, especially as Mr. Mornington said that there are people trying to work on curing this condition. But we couldn't leave him out on the docks, either.

I thought about the old diving bell on Miss Frye's property. Luckily, she actually came by at the point, and gave us permission to try keeping Skyler in there.

Unfortunately, the bell must have been in worse shape than I'd realized, as he was able to escape soon, and came after myself, Mr. Sixpence, Miss Skytower, and Miss Crimson. We drove him off, but he escaped into the sewers.

*sigh* I don't know what is to be done.