Bookworm Hienrichs (bookworm_h) wrote,
Bookworm Hienrichs

June 4 -- Another Hasty Retreat is Called for...

Mariah came by earlier this week, and delivered the corsets and boots she'd promised to have made. She also asked me to come to the lodge for training for a week, starting on Saturday. I was a bit hesitant, as that'd mean I'd miss the end of the fundraising period.

However, considering we're already at three times what was needed, I think it's safe. I'll just leave a note for Miss Netizen asking her to telegraph me the final talley. Last night became so exuberant--though I'm certainly glad my parents weren't there to see it all!

But that was last night. Tonight, I'm glad to be leaving.

On my evening stroll, I went to the donation kiosk in front of the Athenaeum, to see if anything had been added to the total. (A little more.) But while I was there, I thought I saw something, out of the corner of my eye--something that was standing in the street below. When I approached the stairs for a closer look, though, there was nothing. I thought, then, that my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I went on, and ended up at the Cocoajava Cafe, where I saw Miss Namori taking her ease. I sat down, and we struck up a conversation...a rather odd one, really. She seemed a bit disparaging of my account of what I thought I saw, and later in the conversation, she seemed almost to welcome a dispute with Steelhead.

I don't know how the conversation would have progressed, however. It wasn't too long before I heard a thump on the glass roof above. Glancing up, I saw...

It was the spectre I'd seen in the graveyard a few days ago. I'm sure of it! It has now some wing-like appendages I hadn't seen before, but otherwise, it looked the same. It dropped down off the roof and approached us, but said nothing. Miss Namori took a swing at it with her parasol, and it disappeared right before our eyes!

Even with all that, Miss Namori didn't seem to believe in what she'd seen. She made mention of the air of Babbage "getting" to us. But I know different. It was the same apparition from the graveyard, and I would bet the ruined mausoleum has something to do with it.

So tonight, I must see if I can find Miss Hermit and Zac, or leave notes for them as well as for Miss Sky. I did also see Mr. Footman, and told him what had happened. He actually seemed worried--which makes me even more worried, frankly.


I was unable to find either Miss Hermit or Zac, so I left them both notes. After I'd dropped off the note for Miss Sky, I saw that there was no one about the graveyard. So, after strengthening my mental shields as much as I could, I entered it.

There was no attack. There was also no sign of the other ghosts. I don't know if they were still wary of appearing with that other spirit about, or if something happened to them. I do hope they're all right.

But I'm afraid that will have to wait until I return.

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