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Bookworm Hienrichs

July 9 -- Here, Fishie, Fishie, Fishie!

((Private journal entry, but feel free to comment))

(Friday afternoon)

I'm not sitting in my usual place while writing this--at my desk in the front room, pausing to gaze out the window from time to time. Instead, I'm at Miss Ceejay's Cocoajava Cafe, sipping some coffee as I scribble. It's a strange thing that I need to go out in public in order to get some privacy.

Having the spirits here has been...interesting, to say the least. Though they don't visually manifest very often, I can never rid myself of the feeling--of the consciousness that they're around. At times, it can be...disconcerting. But, as I told Miss Hermit when she offered to take them away, overall, it's fine. It's been enjoyable discussing books with Sofie, and playing with Evie's doll for her. I bring Daniel and Mac the news of the city, which they seem to take interest in.

I received a note from Ceejay that she's taking an extended vacation from the city this summer. I'm afraid that leaves me feeling even more at loose ends than before. She's gone, and Nell and Zac have been away much of the time lately, too. I'm not as close to anyone else as I am to them, so I'm feeling as though a pillar of my life has been knocked out from under me.

Which is foolish, I know. So I've decided that I really must move ahead with my idea for occupying myself--preparing photographs for selling. I'm hoping I'll see Miss Elleon at the Clarendon tomorrow, so I can ask her about possibly setting up a small vendor in her shop. I'd rather start small, so I can gauge whether or not people will want to buy them. Then I can decide if I need a shop of my own or not.

(Friday night)

Well, that was more excitement than I'd expected, but I'm so glad it happened!

I came back to my apartment in the gloaming, and went into my bedroom. From there, I heard voices outside, by the graveyard. I peeked out, and saw Mr. Footman, Mr. Melnik, Miss Hermit, and Miss Anatra there, so I went down to investigate. I found out that Mr. Footman's device was ready, so they were trying to get the SLenderman apparition back to the graveyard to be trapped by it. But he was leading them a merry chase.

I thought I knew why. He knew all of them well, and knew they could hurt him. He knew me, too, but knew that I had nothing with which to attack him. So, taking courage in both clenched hands, I offered myself as bait. After all, he'd been interested in me before; perhaps he still would be. So, I set off south along the canal, in the direction he'd last been seen, with Mr. Melnik and Miss Hermit shadowing me.

It wasn't long before it worked. He appeared in front of me, reaching hungrily with his tendrils. He even called me the one who let "those idiots" control her. (Ha--much indignation from Daniel and Mac at that.) But hardly before I'd even had time to register his presence, Miss Hermit and Mr. Melnik attacked him. They inflicted many hits on him, which slowed him down, I think, but he still kept trying to reach me. I stood my ground, shielding myself mentally as well as I could.

The fight raged, off and on, for at least a quarter of an hour. Miss Anatra joined us, with some sort weapon, I guess it was. Though it misfired at first, when she finally hit SLenderman with it, that seemed to do the trick. He disappeared completely, and Miss Anatra and Mr. Melnik hurried to the graveyard. Miss Hermit and I waited a moment, then followed.

We got there just in time to see SLenderman trapped, and absorbed, by the device. Mr. Footman said his reading indicated he was well and truly contained. He shouldn't be able to manifest, or to absorb any of the spirits that had had to be left in the graveyard. Such good news to hear!

I spent some time with Mr. Melnik and Miss Anatra at the Gangplank afterwards. (No, Mac, I only drank tea.) We all needed that relaxation, as well as libation of our choice. Then I returned to tell the spirits that they are safe from SLenderman. Though they cannot be returned to the graveyard yet--the device is apparently "tainting" it, so it's best that it stay unoccupied. Mr. Footman is trying to find a way to remove the device, or, at least, SLenderman. But until then, I still have my roommates.

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