Bookworm Hienrichs (bookworm_h) wrote,
Bookworm Hienrichs

July 21 -- Decisions to Make

((Private journal entry, but feel free to comment))

This evening, I heard an unusual sound coming from the graveyard. Peeking out the window, I saw Miss Hermit seated there, in front of some sort of shrine, playing a strange instrument. I was curious, so I went down for a closer listen.

She saw me coming, so we fell into conversation right away. She told me she was cleansing the graveyard, and was, in fact, almost done. So the spirits would soon be able to return...if they so wished.

I must admit, I hadn't thought that they might not want to return. It was a good reminder that these are, after all...individuals, and deserve to have their input on these matters.


Bookworm felt a presence at her elbow, and turned her head slightly to see Evie standing there. Book smiled and said, "Evie, can you get the others? You all have a decision to make."

Evie flashed out of view, and almost immediately, all four spirits were gathered at the fireplace. Bookworm oriented herself toward them, but kept her head turned away a little, as she still saw them better with her peripheral vision.

"I spoke with Miss Hermit this evening. She's been busy cleaning the graveyard, and it will soon be ready for you to return." She waited out their stirring, and added, "If you want to return."

That certainly got their attention. "I must admit, though," Book continued wryly, "I don't know what exactly the alternatives are to returning there." She glanced up at the mantle of the fireplace, where the spirits' four shrines sat. "I would imagine those would have something to do with it."

The four glanced around at each other. Bookworm wondered if they were communicating somehow, on a level she couldn't hear. Finally, Daniel turned to her. "For my part, I'll go back. A graveyard of freedom is better than six feet."

Sofie nodded. "I'll return, too. With SLenderman gone, and Mr. Footman's machine destroyed, perhaps we can return to our rest." Bookworm heard a breath of a sigh. "And even if not, I think we'll all be more comfortable if we return there."

Evie asked softly, "Will you still come and visit us?"

"I will. That's a promise." Bookworm waited a moment, then asked, "Mac?"

"I'll return, too," he finally replied. His voice was too soft for Book to try to read what emotions might be in his statement. She nodded to them. "All right--I'll let Miss Hermit know."

"Thank you for keeping us safe," Sofie said as they all four faded from view.

Bookworm stared at the fire for a few moments, before she sat back down at her desk to pen a note to Miss Hermit.

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